Our Service

Manufacture and sale of original furniture

We have created an original manufactures and sell furniture under the theme of “Kiaji(taste of wood)” and “Shiguchi(joint)”. These are based on craftsmanship inheriting “Suruga Sashimono(joinery, cabinetwork)”, which has its origin in the Tokugawa period, and is also the root of Shizuoka furniture. The craftsman who knows all about the trees proposes a plan, draws it and embodies it in person. You are able to see these our products from the “PRODUCT” page.

Custom-made Service
Brand Collaboration

Experiences, skills, materials—we meet all three important conditions. From custom-made table including sizing for an individual customer to furniture, store fixtures and interior accessories for corporate customers, we will propose it in all aspects based on joinery technology. For more information, please feel free to contact us from the “CONTACT” page.

Repair / Reproduction

“Would like to keep using my favorite furniture with attachment.” Such feelings of customers are that we cherish very highly. Our repair and reproduction services support other companies’ products as well as our products as possible.
For example, repainting tables both high and low, repairing scratches for them/reassembling of chairs (retightening)/re-upholstering and repainting seats and backrests/re-upholstering rattan chairs/remanufacturing of “Kiritansu( a chest of drawers made of paulownia-wood), etc.
For more information, please feel free to contact us from the “CONTACT” page.